March 05, 2006

PR Week gets it wrong about Bite again

What is it with PR Week and Bite?

It's already had to correct last week's story about James Warren.

And then, on the very same page, it gets it wrong again. David Hargreaves, who is now MD of Bite UK, didn't leave Firefly earlier this year. He left in 2002.

It's disapointing that PR Week didn't know this.

After all, it was only two months ago that it ran the story about Hargreaves' appointment as UK MD following Bite's acquisition of Credo (January 6, 2006).

Go back further to 2002, and it was PR Week that broke the story of Hargeaves' departure from Firefly. It appeared online on August 28, 2002 and made the front page in the print edition on September 6, 2002.


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