February 11, 2006

Lewis blog put in shade by traditional media

Hundreds of thousands of people watched the tragic adventure of the London whale on Sky News. The BBC news site had over a million page views that Friday.

Yet - with Lewis PR's whale watch blog pulling in 'just' 30,000 page views - Jon Silk, a senior creative manager there, feels able to claim in a letter to PR Week that "we showed how blogging can replace traditional media channels in events like these."

Nonsense. While 30,000 page views is a very very impressive readership (we'd settle for a tenth of that) it hardly justifies Silk's claim.

From Media Guardian:

"(The whale saga) was the top story on the BBC News website on Friday, attracting 1 million page impressions."

"On Friday, when Sky News went live to coverage of the drama from its SkyCopter from around 12.30pm, the channel had a peak audience of 174,000 viewers at 5pm, with 158,000 an hour earlier."

"The audience for Sky News' coverage of the whale's plight peaked at 365,000 viewers at 2.45pm on Saturday."

"(BBC) News 24's biggest audience on Saturday came at around 4pm, when 313,000 viewers were watching."

"Users (of the BBC News Player) made just over 315,000 requests for the BBC's whale round-up package and a further 207,000 requests for live coverage."


Blogger LEWIS said...

The context of the quote was in relation to how the story was broken by our company, and how we fed details into Sky and the BBC - not that it became a replacement for the wider media.

Next time we'll aim for 1 million, though :-)

Mind you, the crew of the Greenpeace ship Esperanza used our blog for minute-by-minute updates. How's that for media replacement?

Kind regards
Jon Silk

6:42 PM  
Blogger drvision said...

That wasn't clear to us. We appreciate Jon providing the explanation.

5:16 PM  

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