May 28, 2005

Credo hires ex Herald MD

Credo has hired Stephanie Macleod as a consultant. She has previously been MD at Herald and head of technology clients at Fleishman-Herald.

Time for PR Week to Axe IT League Table

Is it time for PR Week to shut the door on its Top 50 Tech Consultancies feature?

There are so many agencies missing that it no longer constitutes a representative listing of who the major players are in the sector.

Nor does it accurately reflect the huge number of small agencies and freelance PR consultants who work in this market. As Andrew Smith points out at "The View From Object Towers", as you needed just £12k pa to make the table, "many freelance tech PR consultants would have made the top 50 if they had entered." (

So what purpose does the league table now serve? Is it still considered impressive by potential clients? Can you still use it as an internal morale booster?

Perhaps you can but even those well up the rankings must wonder if they are really there on merit or because 10 larger agencies simply didn't take part.

Still, congratulations to Lewis for reaching number one. I hope you had a great party.

Lewis comes top but where is Firefly?

PR Week has published its Top 50 Tech Consultancies league table.

Lewis made number one with Write Image coming in second place.

The usual suspects are missing because of Sarbanes-Oxley. So, interestingly, are Firefly and Spark Communications.

PR Week explains in its covering article that "many tech specialists do not feature as they were busy with pitches around the entry deadline."

There was a time when no excuse would have been good enough for not appearing in the league table. Perhaps this is a sign that it has lost credibility and usefulness? More on that in a separate post...

May 26, 2005

IEE hires ex Telewest PR chief

Tony Henderson is to join the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) as head of media and PR. He was previously with Telewest, where he was head of PR and internal comms for the company's Business division, and BT.

May 24, 2005

Firefly gets colourful

Konica Minolta has retained Firefly to promote its range of colour copiers.

ISP hires Binns for financial PR

Binns & Co has been hired by Business Serve, an ISP specialising in the business market, to handle its financial PR. It replaces College Hill.

May 14, 2005

Old news: PR Week makes mistake

On 6 May, PR Week ran a story on Novell and said head of comms Nadia Scully had previously worked at BAE Systems. Obviously it meant BEA Systems. A slip of the finger....and poor proofing. Doesn't it make every IT PR agency feel better?

Novell chooses Text

Novell has chosen Text 100 to handle its EMEA PR account following the review run by Nadia Scully, head of EMEA communications.

PR Week has the account worth £250,000. Text beat Golin Harris and H&K to the account.

Paratus adds mobile accounts

Paratus has added two mobile accounts to its client base.

RokPlayter, a mobile phone memory card vendor, and SIM4 travel, a mobile operator that offers cheap calls to the UK, have hired the company.

May 13, 2005

Account manager wanted: 1 year's experience

Little wonder the PR industry gets itself such a bad rep.

An agency recently advertised a job for a PR manager and was looking for just 1 to 2 years' experience.

It's scary because clients are going to trust this account manager with their public image.

They are going to believe that this account manager knows what they're doing.

So when it all goes wrong (which it will), some client will never ever believe in PR again.

All because some agency wasn't smart enough to realise that a good account manager needs experience and training.

And people in the business wonder why we're not treated with the same high regard as accountants and solicitors.

May 06, 2005

SanDisk hires Trimedia

Trimedia has been appointed by SanDisk to handle its UK PR.

Ogilvy ditched by Dell

Dell has dumped Ogilvy and given its entire EMEA PR business to GCI.

Ogilvy had worked with Dell for three and a half years and advided the company on corporate and product PR. PR Week estimates fees to have been at least £250,000.

The move leaves GCI as Dell's only PR agency in Europe.