July 03, 2005

One quick post about blogs... but just the one, promise!

Interesting to see PR Week's feature on blogs this week.

Given that blogs will undoubtedly become a mainstream PR tool within the next couple of years, this is a good sign. Perhaps it's a response to Morgan's recent post (http://www.morganmclintic.com/pr/) when he discovered that a PR Week UK reporter was unaware of any criticism of the recent tech league takes.

(If you missed this, check out Drew B's http://theblogconsultancy.typepad.com/techpr/2005/05/pr_weeks_top_50.html, Andrew Smith's http://www.bloglines.com/blog/andismit?id=188 and Spin Bunny's http://spin_bunny.typepad.com/spin_bunny/2005/06/tech_league_bol.html)

And to answer the unasked question - no, I don't believe blogs are a mainstream PR tool. Not yet. The number of blogs might be growing and readership might be increasing but they're nowhere near being mainstream.

There are still many many people in PR and corporate comms who simply don't know what blogs are. There are many many more folk in the real world who simply don't care.

The moment we lose perspective on what media channels really influence the people our clients are trying to connect with... Well, that's when we start to lose our value.


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