May 28, 2005

Time for PR Week to Axe IT League Table

Is it time for PR Week to shut the door on its Top 50 Tech Consultancies feature?

There are so many agencies missing that it no longer constitutes a representative listing of who the major players are in the sector.

Nor does it accurately reflect the huge number of small agencies and freelance PR consultants who work in this market. As Andrew Smith points out at "The View From Object Towers", as you needed just £12k pa to make the table, "many freelance tech PR consultants would have made the top 50 if they had entered." (

So what purpose does the league table now serve? Is it still considered impressive by potential clients? Can you still use it as an internal morale booster?

Perhaps you can but even those well up the rankings must wonder if they are really there on merit or because 10 larger agencies simply didn't take part.

Still, congratulations to Lewis for reaching number one. I hope you had a great party.


Anonymous Morgan McLintic said...

Thanks - I'm vicariously taking that congrats even though being based in the US, I really shouldn't...

6:29 PM  
Blogger Dennis Howlett said...

Even more interesting, the ones that didn't make the PR Weak plugfest

10:26 PM  

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