April 06, 2005

Goodbye Spin Bunny

Spin Bunny is no more.

From the site http://spin_bunny.typepad.com/spin_bunny/:

"Spin Bunny received a gagging order last week from solicitors representing a UK PR agency offended by a Bunny story, and seeking recourse to Bunny’s sources. The order prevents us from naming the PR firm.

"The team behind Spin Bunny has done its utmost in negotiations over the last week to keep Bunny alive and reach resolution out of court. That effort failed this morning and Bunny’s only option now is to shut down the Spin Bunny blog in order to protect the anonymity of its contributors and its sources."

Thanks for the memories.


Anonymous Berry Vanderbilt said...

Stop blogging right now!

8:07 PM  

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