March 19, 2005

PR Week announces same news as a fortnight ago

Was there not much going on in the world of PR last week? Were the phones in Hammersmith particularly quiet?

These are two possible explanations for why PR Week has run another story announcing the appointment of Ross Cook as head of BT newsroom.

On Page 17 of this week's issue, there's a big piece on BT promoting Cook. BT's a big company. It employs a lot of PR people. It's a big story.

But hold on a second. On 4 March, PR Week ran a story about how "BT has given group media relations PRO Ross Cook its top day-to-day media relations role, with the title head of BT Newsroom."

And it's PR people who get accused of not knowing what's news.


Blogger PR Machine said...

You should go into trend analysis. Seriously.

3:15 PM  

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