February 06, 2005

Phones4U founder hires Brazen

John Cauldwell has hired Brazen PR to help raise his personal profile. His previous contract with Lewis PR ended in September last year.

Brazen already handles the PR for several of Caudwell's companies including Phones4U, the biggest rival to Carphone Warehouse, and Homecall.


Blogger Digital Evangelist said...

Is JC that upset that his onetime tea boy, (Peter Jones) is winning the PR war thanks to his "staring" role on the Dragons Lair?

Will the new PR agency also have to act like a member of the politburo and airbrush out the work of John's brotherf in founding and building Caudwell Group prior to being fired?

Can I look to yet more fly on the wall films about the "Stoke on Trent Hugh Heffner" or will it be yet more show us your wedge Chav like behaviour with flash cars?

As someone within the mobile industry all I can say is that I need a laugh and cannot wait for John's profile to once again rise; it gives a number of us a reason to smile.

4:46 PM  

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