January 14, 2005

IT magazine hires IT PR company

Is no-one going to shout "Oi"?

IT PR specialist Midnight Communications has just been appointed by Reed to handle PR for Computer Weekly. Apparently its remit also covers other titles such as 'Travel Weekly' as well as Reed's corporate PR.

Conflict of interest or shrewd marketing ploy? Either way, it'll be interesting to see if Midnight's clients start getting undue coverage in CW.

More interesting will be to see if it helps Midnight win more clients. By the looks of the case studies on its website, the company needs them. At the moment, it highlights Adobe (now handled by Firefly), O2 (now handled by Cohn & Wolfe and JCPR - although JCPR's business is now under review) and ... Computing, the only real rival to CW!

Red faces in Brighton?


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